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Our Services


Pregnancy TestsPeer Mentoring and SupportClassesFree Baby Supplies

All of the services we offer are free of charge and are confidential. If you would like to set up an appointment, please contact us. Walk-ins are also welcome.

Free Pregnancy Tests and Options Information 

PFCQW offers free pregnancy tests. Visit us today if you think you may be pregnant and require a test. Keep in mind that only a licensed medical practitioner is qualified to diagnose whether or not you are pregnant and we recommend that you see a physician to confirm the result of your test. 

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and would like to discuss your options, our client advocates are equipped to provide you with information. You have choices and options to make and each option presents different challenges. We will walk through these with you. 

Peer Mentoring and Support

Our staff and volunteers are here to help. If you are going through a difficult situation and you need a caring and non-judgemental listening ear, we are here for you. Although all of our staff and volunteers are trained to provide peer mentorship, our services are not intended as a substitute for professional counselling and we are not a medical facility. 


PFCQW offers the following classes free of charge:

  • Parenting Program
    • A seven week program that covers topics such as bonding and development, health and nutrition, safety and supervision, discipline, infant first aid and CPR. 
  • LEAD Program
    • A seven week program for women designed to strengthen self confidence. In this course, topics such as personality, self esteem, relationships, intimacy, boundaries and communication will be discussed.
  • Grandmother’s Heart
    • A program where a volunteer from our centre will come to your home to assist you after the birth of your child. 
  • Post Abortion Care
    • A program for those struggling with emotions after having an abortion. 

Free Baby Supplies

Our care closet is equipped with diapers, wipes, maternity and baby clothing and other much needed baby items. We are here to assist you if you are struggling to provide these items for your family. Come visit us today!